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national company for packaging industries in Egypt | NATPACK


National Company for Packaging Industries is a plastic packaging company in Egypt established in 1996. Our first production took place in 1999. NATPACK is the market leader in Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage plastic packaging solutions, development and production in Egypt.

NATPACK is a full service plastic molder, providing complete manufacturing solutions from concept to finished product.

We serve our customers through honoring and abiding to the agreed upon terms of contract, and continuously invest in our human resources by providing them training and learning opportunities.

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NATPACK provides a wide range of packaging products for the pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & personal care, Food & beverage and chemical. By producing plastic tubes, Bottles, Jars, Caps & closures, Droppers and pill boxes

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We offer customers in the Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries the widest array of design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. With our leading plastics knowledge and technologies we provide innovative packaging solutions that enable our customers to fulfill their market.

NATPACK Capabilities

Our Capabilities

  • Blowing

    our machinery provides fast molding performance without scrap or connecting lines on the bottle bottom or side with maximum uniformity of bottle weight, thickness, and volume. an extremely smooth and elegant bottle surface is ideal for high-quality 

  • Extrusion
    The extruded Mono-layer tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Advanced in-house technologies provide customers with a large choice of tube decoration capabilities, such as offset, flexography, silk screening, and hot stamping in a secondary process to achieve better flexibility allowing different SKUs when using the same tube specs.
  • Injection-blowing
    injection Blow Molding Machinery – and the products this manufacturing method produces – has become virtually indispensable and has multiple benefits to consumers as it produce high quality of surface finishes we can apply it in products’ collection Droppers, nozzles, bottles and pill boxes.
  • Injection

    We have a flexible innovative machine concepts that help us to achieve maximum output of efficiently with high-performance for the shortest cycle times and cleanly produced standard caps &closures, plugs, nozzles and sophisticated custom solutions.

We strive continuously to anticipate and understand customers’

We strive continuously to anticipate and understand customers’ challenges so as to provide the best support for their developments. For NATPACK, innovation has three focuses: Innovation in product development, Innovation regard to industrial processes, Innovation in terms of our business model.

Clean Area

Changing market requirements in especially the Medical and pharmaceutical  industry demand an increasingly higher level of safety and hygiene.

NATPACK recognizes this and meets these market expectations by offering clean room production in different classes, depending on the customer's request.

This facilitates a clean and hygienic production of a pharmaceutical packages and packaging components, supported by certified production environments.

Tubes Decoration

NATPACK works closely with its customers to design the ideal tube configuration, diameter, length, head, neck finish and closure, as well as slot specifications to accommodate your product’s viscosity and use requirements.

Complementing our standard decorating capabilities; color offset and color silkscreen printing, hot stamping and labeling

We’ve commercialized a variety of decorating innovations to enhance and add interest to your tube decorating strategies.

Our Quality

you’ll receive the quality packaging your product deserves

We work with customers to establish mutual Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs), and hold our teams accountable. Our plant and processes is committed to comply with the following standard:

Quality of material  , Specification , Training , Preventative Maintenance Program , Calibration , First Piece Approval , Internal Audit , Corrective Action

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