NATPACK provides a wide range of packaging products for the pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & personal care, Food & beverage and chemical. By producing plastic tubes, Bottles, Jars, Caps & closures, Droppers and pill boxes

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producing plastic packaging in egypt|NATPACK


Bottles are complementary to our Caps & Closures range. Standard as well as customized bottle designs are developed and manufactured for Personal Care and Food & Beverage.

Our distinctive range of high quality HDPE, LDPE and PP bottles, our experienced team can support you and deliver your own exclusive bottle shape.

producing plastic packaging in egypt|NATPACK

Droppers& Pill Boxes

We offer a variety of integrated solutions for specialized packaging, according to the needs and shape of your pharmaceutical products. Our wide range of Droppers & pillboxes with additional features

such as Tamper Evident, makes them highly functional and safe, with different dosing options. We can deliver sterile products, if the medication and client require it. We ensure a clean and hygienic production of pharmaceutical packaging as well as its components.

producing plastic packaging in egypt|NATPACK


offering all-plastics mono layer stand up tube in several sizes, colors, effects with different closures.

Providing top quality collection used for different types of creams, body lotion and gel. We provide squeezable tubes of different decorations that matches their product value proposition in the market.

producing plastic packaging in egypt|NATPACK

Deodorants and Jars

Roll-on & jars packaging have been part of NATPACK products portfolio. Serving the largest brands in Egypt, we can capitalize on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The complete package can be offered in a variety of plastic materials.

producing plastic packaging in egypt|NATPACK

Caps & Closures

We are leading manufacturer of different types of tube caps in Egypt. We serves for various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food, Chemical and More.

Different varieties molds of caps and closures to make it easier on our partners in choosing their unique shape.